Friday, April 27, 2018

Salmon Baked in Honey with Cilantro and Lime . It's Spring!

Fish can be so simple to cook, so delicious... 

Or it can be dry and tasteless... But this recipe for salmon locks in the juices and flavor by wrapping the whole thing in foil.. and it uses butter with lime to keep it moist.  And honey to give it sweetness!  Lime and cilantro always seem like the flavors of spring to me.     

I found this recipe at the Creme de la Crumb site, where you can find more pictures and complete instructions.  You may consider using this for other fish besides salmon, and you may consider a lighter version without as much butter.  (See the comments at the Creme de la Crumb site). 

Ah, salmon!  Once of my favorites cooked with (for me) a different set of flavors.  I HAVE to try this one!   

Salmon baked in honey, cilantro, and lime from Creme de la Crumb

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Classic, Simple Easter Bunny Cake

The Classic, Simple Easter Bunny Cake! 

I first saw this cute Easter Bunny cake years ago, perhaps when I was little.  Now you can make this cake any which way you want, any recipe, any flavor; you can mix the flavors, you can use whatever decorations you and your kids want.  (Directions and links at the "Read More".)  

Peter Rabbit Cake from Taste of Home.

Easter Bunny cake from Good Housekeeping.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Egg-Shaped Vodka filled Jello Shots for Easter!

One of my friends posted this method of adults getting smashed while the kiddies devour jelly beans: Egg-shaped Jello shots!

Original found at Huffington Post HERE. 
Striped Jello shot eggs found HERE.

Above is another version, a bit trickier to make because you make them in layers of Jello to get those for bright stripes.  This version can be found at "obsev" HERE.

A warning about those Easter egg Jello shots..

Cadbury Easter Egg Pudding Shots

Boozy Easter Candies of every variety:

Cadbury Easter Egg Pudding Shots

We've already posted about a couple of varieties of boozy bunnies HERE and HERE, and boozy Jello eggs HERE.  But we're not done yet. 

So... let's move on to boozy pudding in Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs:

Just scoop out the insides of the Cadbury eggs, make vanilla pudding with vanilla vodka, fill up those eggs, and indulge!

Specific instructions and a video here:  Pudding shots in Cadbury Easter eggs!

There's a video at the link above, but here's a photo of the finished eggs:

Monday, March 26, 2018

Frango Shortbread Cookies by Bonnie

Frango Shortbread Cookies in Memory of Bonnie.

I never knew Bonnie, but she was the friend of a close friend. My friend talked about her here and there over the years, but we never had the opportunity to meet. Bonnie volunteered with homeless youth in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago (Yes, that "Wrigley") and she competed on the show Chopped a couple of years ago when she was in her mid 70's. 

Even though I didn't know Bonnie, I was sad when our mutual friend told me that she passed away, somewhat unexpectedly, a couple of weeks ago. I've included a link to an obituary to Bonnie written by another friend, and I had to include her recipe for Shortbread Cookies made with Frango mints, one of Bonnie's Christmas specialties, as a tribute to her.  (I found a similar recipe for Frango Mint Shortbread cookies at Epicurious.) 

Frango Mints, Marshall Field's, and Chicago.

If you don't live in Chicago, you may not know the heritage of Frango mints.  Frango mints were originally made by the late great Marshall Field's department store.  Macy's bought out Field's a few years ago and renamed the stores.  Macy's is now selling Frango mints, but many are not convinced they are the same as the originals sold under the Marshall Field's label. 

Frango Mints, but no photos of Frango Shortbread Cookies available!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Irish Cream Liqueur: Homemade for St. Patrick's Day

You can make Irish Cream Liqueur at home!

And it will be fresher (and cheaper) than anything you buy in the store. It will definitely be cheaper if you have some Irish whiskey hanging around your house. 
Photo found at several sites, including

Here are two recipes; one appears to be a bit sweeter than the other.  For both recipes, in addition to the Irish whiskey, the main ingredients are cream, coffee, and chocolate.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Eggs in a Mug

Microwave scrambled eggs in a mug for quick breakfast?  I must admit I was skeptical, but I tried it this morning.. It was easy and good!

I used a bit of butter, though, vs. cooking spray, and I had some nice fresh half and half creamer so I used that instead of milk.  I didn't use any cheese.. maybe I'll add some cheese and perhaps half of a sausage tomorrow.  (I made it again with cheese.. Just plain American cheese.  It was even better!)  

I put the butter in the mug first, microwaved it for about 20 seconds, swished the melted butter around the bottom and sides of the mug.  Then I mixed in the half and half and the eggs.
Eggs in a Mug photo from Incredible Edible Egg  (Recipe at bottom.)

Salmon Baked in Honey with Cilantro and Lime . It's Spring!

Fish can be so simple to cook, so delicious...  Or it can be dry and tasteless... But this recipe for salmon locks in the juices and fl...