Saturday, March 31, 2018

Egg-Shaped Vodka filled Jello Shots for Easter!

One of my friends posted this method of adults getting smashed while the kiddies devour jelly beans: Egg-shaped Jello shots!

Original found at Huffington Post HERE. 
Striped Jello shot eggs found HERE.

Above is another version, a bit trickier to make because you make them in layers of Jello to get those for bright stripes.  This version can be found at "obsev" HERE.

A warning about those Easter egg Jello shots..

HOWEVER, please be warned!  You can get too smashed after just a couple of these eggs: 
  1. Jello egg molds and plastic eggs are actually larger than a regular shot.  
  2. You won't necessarily feel the alcohol as soon as you would if you just drank it in a liquid due to the Jello.  Therefore, because you don't feel drunk, you may wind up consuming much more than you think you do.  So be careful...especially if you don't usually drink very much. These seem innocent, but they are very potent.
  3. Make sure that there are no kiddies who can grab these Jello eggs because they think that they are just PLAIN Jello eggs.  That could be exceptionally disastrous.  So serve them and store them out of reach of the kids.   

Complete directions and video HERE at Huffington Post.  

Other comments HERE at the Huffington Post Facebook page.

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