Sunday, April 1, 2018

Classic, Simple Easter Bunny Cake

The Classic, Simple Easter Bunny Cake! 

I first saw this cute Easter Bunny cake years ago, perhaps when I was little.  Now you can make this cake any which way you want, any recipe, any flavor; you can mix the flavors, you can use whatever decorations you and your kids want.  (Directions and links at the "Read More".)  

Peter Rabbit Cake from Taste of Home.

Easter Bunny cake from Good Housekeeping.

But the key is the cutting of the two layers!  That's right, you have to start with two round 9" cake pans.  Whatever cake batter you use, you split the batter between the two pans, just as if you were making a two layer cake.  But you won't make a two layer cake, of course.

Easter Bunny Cake innards from Good Housekeeping

So after the two layers are baked and have cooled, you need to find either a large cookie pan or a large piece of cardboard (which you cover with plastic wrap or tin foil), at least 20" by 14" should do it.  The most important part is cutting the second cake layer...  You cut two ears out of it, and the middle of it serves as a very cute Bunny bow tie. 

So here we go...  Two great recipes to match the photos above...And a great video of a lovely Mom with her two lovely little kids making an Easter Bunny cake. 

From Good Housekeeping:

How To Bake An Easter Bunny Cake

From Taste of Home: 

A Peter Rabbit Cake from Taste of Home

From YouTube:  Mom makes an Easter Bunny Cake with her kids: 

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